Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO Internet Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the foundation for a long term Internet marketing strategy. San Antonio Texas (TX) based web design firm New Global Ventures understands that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a natural evolution for a well designed website.

We perceive SEO as a natural evolution for a well constructed website. A good SEO strategy blends the technical aspect (on-page optimization) and the human aspect (off-page optimization) or the social aspect in a balanced manner.

In the realm of search engine optimization, there is a very thin line between a good ranking and a spam. The last quarter has seen the search engines adopt a zero tolerance policy towards any overdone activity on the part of the site owners – A spam flag is just round the corner if the SEO team is not experienced with the SEO nuances.

New Global Ventures approaches your website with an intention to:

  • Understand the direction and objective of your business and pin down the target areas from a marketing angle.
  • Visualize your site from a customer's angle in order to reconstruct the content as the market needs it.
  • Analyze the current position in the search engine rankings.
  • Understand the social positioning of of the site - Link status & competitor analysis.

What we offer..

We offer what we have delivered to others like you and what we have practiced. We design your website
within the guidelines of Search Engine Optimization.

  • We preserve the existing foundation and credibility of your website..
  • Preserve the existing reference (incoming links) to your website.
  • Enhance the internal page linking so that all the important pages are highly ranked.
  • Judiciously submit your website to the most trustworthy search engines and directories.
  • We utilize the principles of Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) which Google adheres to, in constructing your content.
  • We will build your Social reference system brick by brick so that over time, your site has built a solid reputation in its domain.
  • We provide knowledge transfer sessions to your site administrators so that you can independently handle small SEO issues and routine maintenance work in-house.

SEO Results

SEO has become synonymous with higher traffic, sales and conversion and a better growth. Every business entity on the web has a budget allocated for the site optimization The most obvious benefits visible are.

Your site starts getting recognized for a particular business them and for a set of targeted keywords. From a state of anonymity, your website achieves a level of respectability which was not possible without SEO. A higher visibility means a higher traffic – which ultimately transforms to a better business prospect. SEO is a long term investment and many times the results of a good SEO effort get better with age – just like an aged wine. Your website take a lesser time to upload and the server downtime is also reduced if the SEO was done in the right way. Visitor stickiness increases on the website since the redundant features of the site are removed. A good SEO strategy will ensure a greater conversion for your storefront.

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