Business Card Design

Business Card Design

What is our approach to a Business Card Design?


New Global Ventures knows successful marketing requires getting across the right image of your company to your prospective customers and then sustaining the relationship after the first purchase. A key tool in these efforts is a business card. Besides serving as a handy reminder of your contact information, a business card sets up the tempo for the commencement of your company operation and adds more strength to your company's image. A business card is also priceless in building word-of-mouth marketing. Let's kick start with some useful tips to enhance the value of your business card.

Useful tips to add value to your Business Cards:

  • Add text that gives specific customer benefits/listing}
  • Make a list of the services you provide and the benefits that come along with it./listing}
  • Add an extension of your company's brand to ensure it is consistent with your company's colors and theme./listing}
  • Please ensure that all details are correct./listing}
  • Include some sort of reference to your job or industry, even if it is just a picture./listing}
  • Choose your font carefully to make it more visible and efficient./listing}
  • Space out your information and keep it bit organized.

New Global Ventures helps promote your business campaign with a bang with our unique Business Card Design including:

Choosing Your Business Card Format

You can decide on your card format, either fast raised print, glossy full color, express or plastic.

Choosing Your Business Card Background Image

We at New Global Ventures help you select your business's background image and help you choose various design parameters including format types, font color and text type. Just input your business name, contact information to get the desired form of output.

Otipimizing your Business Card

For a matchless design take advantage of our template system, business card design software and wide range of artwork. We optimize your design and make it professional like a pro. Business card design is a vital job. It should display similar basic info as your other marketing material communicates but a Business card is not a catalogue or brochure where you have the liberty to extend your content at will.

The Outcome

Our vast experience and know-how in logo design have helped us to make the process of producing a business card design not only easy and economical but also valuable for your business in the long run. Our long list of clients runs from multinational companies to department and variety stores. Make your new clients take notice on your new design!social conversation portals.

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